He's a moose who shoots lasers out of his eyes.

From the publishers of Big Nate and Calvin and Hobbes comes an eye-popping tale of two improbable superhero pals. Join this dynamic duo in three exciting stories as they defend their forest against aliens, a mutant bear, a cyborg porcupine, and more! Ages 7+, 144 pages.

"With rampant whimsy and cheerful silliness, expect this to hit funny bones with laser accuracy." -- Kirkus Reviews
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Three Exciting Stories

A trio of laser-powered adventures in one book!

Story #1


It's a beautiful night in the forest, perfect for watching stars and as Laser Moose would say, "watching out for danger". When a strange alien spaceship lands in a clearing, our duo must leap into action.

Are these strange aliens on vacation or here for something more sinister? When Rabbit Boy gets up close to find out more, will his trusting nature be his undoing? Find out!

Story #2

Day of the Aquabear

The day starts off just like any other in the forest, until a bear, a fish, and some very green and very toxic waste add up to big trouble for Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy.

Strange creatures lurk in the bushes and trees, while a horde of angry bees swarm loudly after our heroes on the toxic trail! This story is chock-full of limb-chopping action! Let's do this!

Story #3

Terror of Mechasquirrel

Laser Moose's nemesis, Cyborgupine, sends his latest creation to destroy our heroes. This robotic squirrel has super-strength and is programmed to be super-bad.

Is he more robot than rodent, twisted and evil? Our heroic friends need to find out fast, before the mechanical beast destroys the entire forest, and them with it.



Laser Moose

He's a moose that shoots lasers out of his eyes, and he's here to protect the forest from evil.


Rabbit Boy

Laser Moose's eternally optimistic sidekick. Always looking on the bright side.



This cyborg porcupine is Laser Moose's evil nemesis. Always plotting to destroy the forest. Or Laser Moose. Preferably both.



Visitors from another world. But what do they want from our world? Do they come in peace?



A toxic waste spill turns this mild-mannered bear into a crazed monster. Stay out of his way!



Cyborgupine's creation, a mechanical squirrel with the power to destroy the entire forest.

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About the author

Doug Savage was raised by a pack of wild piano teachers in the largely moose-free forests of eastern Ontario. He's the creator of Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy and the popular comic Savage Chickens.

His influences include Charles Schulz, Steve Martin, Gary Larson, and Jim Henson.

Doug says cartooning is the best job ever and everyone should give it a try, especially kids. Visit dougsavage.com to learn more about how he works or to send him a message.

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